Thursday, August 5, 2010

What a while it's been

I count my minutes as the hour goes by.
Grab your watch or else I'll steal it;
I was born to be a thief.

My old man never felt sympathy for me.
He just wanted a friend like I want a lover.

No one is important.
No one is famous,
Just well-known.

Morning misery you are so gay
Coming in at late summer
When I've began to be lazy
I wish you'd go away
Oh, this morning glory
I mourn your absence
When you left in the winter
I was in a lonely state of arrogance.

I smoke weed because I enjoy the feeling I get when I stare at myself blanky in a wall. I've learned to control the laughter and I erupt with chatter to make it obvious. My paranoia is something like the Cold War we just left.

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