Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's been way too long...
I was grounded for butt-dialing my mom. Let's do some catching up, yeah?

1. Taryn messages me saying, "bitch you have it coming." She apologized after and explained that she was just mad and decided to take her anger out on me.

2. Naomi was sort of living with us... And now she's not. My mom grounded her too.

3. Brady became good company

4. Spent my Thanksgiving break going to work with my mom. Anne is such a pain in the ass! Oh my god.

5. Started talking to someone ;) He's macho.

6. Went to a cool cafe in downtown with Naomi, Robert, and Bunny

7. Bought some clothes.

Cool, that's about it. I haven't really much to talk about...

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