Thursday, September 16, 2010

El sol

The sun is a primary cause of my headache... I just might drown in terror.
When I write a letter to Joe I know he'll never read it but I still enjoy telling someone about my day. Senior year is going well minus all the homework I've been getting. Naomi and I have been making acquaintances and reconnecting with old friends. We have also been creating relationships with boys that we don't really like. We smoke weed when it's around and laugh at the most stupidest shit. I feel bad though, next year when I leave she isn't going to have anyone to hang out with. I think I'm going to help her make friends with people in her grade so she won't be completely lonely next year. It's kind of funny how we became friends, her and I, it was almost as if we were fated to be together. Ever since the first day of school we've been connected by the hip. We aren't that much alike but we get along pretty well which is good I guess. I'm starting to realize that even though high school may suck, it can still be fun. I think I still have a lot to learn about myself and these people I've spent the last fours years with so I'm going to fuck around as much as possible.

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