Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Began to begin

What once was Earth, soon was purgatory, later to be known as hell.
I've been slowly letting myself go into the depths of solitude.
Frolicking in the hungry flames of an angry meadow,
Picking coal for a God that is inconspicuous.
I hold hands with a man that has stained my hands with sin...

I'm thinking of thinking,
Dreaming to dream,
Planning to plan.
Those are my new hobbies that I have began to begin.

In conclusion to the factors that you are female, you will never be able to achieve your life's goals. I appreciate your audacity but as your doctor, I suggest that you take interest in other subjects such as knitting, cooking, and house cleaning... You know, just to be safe.

"Just because you're pretty doesn't mean people are going to like you."
"I know."

I met someone over the weekend. He is very kind and is honest with his words. I've taken a great interest in him...in the things he says. He's good people.
"If we're all made of the same thing then shouldn't we all like each other?" -D. Garcia

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