Monday, February 21, 2011


She sits silently with her head down, mashing her potatoes and peas together. She's careful to not scrape her fork against the ceramic too loud... She wouldnt want to interrupt his chewing. He nudges her shin with a broken toe nail he tried biting off just before dinner. She looks up from her plate and forces her lips to form a weak a smile, then she slowly looks down at her plate again. His chewing has gotten louder, "You like the dinner I made you, honey bee? I made it just for you! My little honey bee."
"Yes, dad. Thank you," she said, still looking down. She hasn't swallowed one bit of food sitting on her plate- She's never trusted her father's cooking.
He gets up to take their plates to the kitchen, where he sits them down in the sink for her to wash. From the kitchen he goes into to the living room and starts sewing. She gets up to go to her room. "Where do you think you're going? Do the dishes."
Obediently, she walks to the kitchen and rinses their dinner off the silverware. She neatly places them in the dishwasher and walks towards her room.
She turns on a light and climbs up on to her bed. She just sits there staring out the window with nothing to think about.
"Marie, come over here and wipe my ass!" Her father yelled at her from the bathroom, the door open with the smell of shit making an exit in to the rest of the house. She just sits there on her bed staring out the window.
"Marie, goddamnit!"
She continues to sit there, staring out the window.
Her father gets up from the toilet. His ass drips diarrhea, "I told you to wipe my ass!"
She sits and still stares.
He walks toward her room. Diarrhea drips from his ass.
He opens her door. Diarrhea dripping.
He walks up to her bed where she's sitting. Diarrhea is dripping on her carpet, but she continues to stare out her window.
He hands her a wad of toilet paper, "Wipe me... Nice and clean."
Marie turns her head away from the window and meets her gaze with her father's naked body, "You do it."


  1. Intense stuff. Sometimes it takes all the courage in the world just to say a simple phrase.
    Or all the exasperation.

  2. Wow, this is intense stuff. A little heavy for me, but then again, so was The Fox and the Hound.

    I agree with the comment above, though.