Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet Lime

I made friends with a girl named Christie.
She's really nice and she doesn't do any drugs. I like that because Naomi liked to take drugs.
Anyway, we have a lot in common. She wants to major in journalism and I sort want to too. It's either that or become a really sexy business woman.

A teacher from my school wants to be my friend on facebook. He doesn't work there anymore but I think that's kind of weird considering I barely even knew him.

Mr. Mac, the assistant principal, said I'm his favorite student!
That made my day.

Today I raced an old asian couple and lost. It was pretty thrilling.

And gas prices went way up!
Almost four dollars for premium. What is this?
I decided that when it starts to warm up a bit I'm going to ride my bike to school...or try to. I think it'd be good excercise.

It annoys me when my teacher calls on people to read and they butcher the text. It especially annoys me when in the middle of a sentence they say, "Ah! I can't read..." and continue. Oh man, it's terrible.

So, peace out home dogs. Stay fly mamacita and let that sunshine tan your skin. And if you don't get sunshine, well just remember that every cloud has a silver lining.

I'm out.

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