Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter est en me ear.

There is an owl outside my window sitting on a tree branch
He keeps looking in to my room to see if I'll notice him
When I walk up to him to see what he wants
He asks me "Who?"
And I say "Mandy"
He shakes his head and asks again "Who...who?"
I do not understand what he's asking for
I turn my back to him and head for bed
But before I can take five steps he grabs my arm
I say "Let go"
And he shakes his head no and asks again "Who...who...who killed the man?"
I ask "What man?"
He points a feather towards the golf course and says "That one"
I look to where he is pointing to and see a man hanging from a pine tree
I told the owl "No one killed him, he killed himself"
And the owl flew away.

Happy Easter, fair child.
Why do easter bunnies carry eggs when bunnies are mammals?

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