Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busta Rhymes

We are on a conquest to conquer
We have eaten every piece of your damned father
The president couldn't decide if he should call her
Because the powered man's wife put him in a collar.

The Romans have built many substantial roads
They kept in mind the strippers who walk in loads
They fear to hear the sorrowful cries of poisonous toads
So they sing out a false cry of heroic odes.

Lately an urban wife has to fight to please
But her lonesome husband will never be at ease
Because his promiscuous wife is a tease
And the only career she'll ever be good at is one like a sleaze.

I hear the eyes are the window to one's soul
But what if all you see is coal?
Does that mean you are cowardly like a newborn foal?
Or are you just repulsive like your sister's mole?

Them Japanese only drink wine
And accompany it with the meat of swine
Don't ever ask a drinking man if he is fine
Or else he'll drown you in iodine.

I follow all my impulses
I'm in the middle of an inecscapable crisis
And now I watch a drunken man as he pisses
I hope he shoots and misses...

I'm going to come out to America and tell them I am a Communist
I wish for them to inject me with chemicals and spray me with toxic mist
I will only fight back with a defensive fist
Eventually I will agree to their demands but only if they insist.

If by will or if you do
The cops will find out that you are a Jew
Disappointment they meet when they encounter the star you stained blue
Crippled then, they will cut your nose off and feed it to the sickly few.

Your man lives amongst the black Cubans
He hides his scorn in apathetic hymns
He wishes to dance naked with the red Indians
But he can't walk because his feet were substituted for fins.

It's not for what you didn't do, it's for what you did
You struck me with a knife and hid
You're an addicted gambler with a startling bid
Too bad for you, you're overrated.

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