Thursday, March 18, 2010

Et tu Brute?

0 Period Art- Colored a mutated drawing of my partner
1 Period Latin- Noticed a cute guy who now sits in the front (yay!)
2 Period Oceanography- B. Garcia and Alec are very hysterical when they are together
Break-Talked about the latin cutie with Em and Will
3 Period English- Talked to Fernandez and listened to a poem... then we read a poem
4 Period History-  Read aloud for a bit and took notes
Lunch- Talked some more about the latin cutie and ran in to my ex...and his girlfriend
5 Period Algebra2- Made a new friend and had my hair braided

I wrote this in math today:
The movie scripts of unwritten sound strike my ensemble and I have fallen romantically in love with a queer gentleman.

And this one came about right before I showered:
You are hung up on the phone
Yes, so I'm dancing; I'm dancing all alone.
Don't pay no mind, it ain't so bad.
I'm enjoying the view: you're body is scantily clad.

So this weather change was greatly needed because all that winter weather was bringing me down.
Thank God for Spring!

Mom: Try the yellow rasberries, they're like rasberries but they're yellow.
Mandy: I can see that...

I have to give a presentation tomorrow on Claude McKay.
He's a good writer but I don't care for his style.
No quiero, no me gusta. Ay, esta malo.

As one baker say to another: Butter me up, slippery and wet.

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