Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sun is in the way

I have no such luck walking into a strip club and getting a bang for my buck.
What's wrong with me? My good looks too intimidating for them strippers?
Or is it my lack of sexual experience that makes me look like a prude?

All these people, all these crazy fucking people.
They walk together in their schedules and rush when they’re late.
I want to squeeze their brains out of their asses and kick their dreams out of their ears.
They aren't going to achieve shit with their morals and religions.
No education is good enough because the bar has been set too high.
They can’t even spell their own names much less read the classics.
The words will just slip out of their plastic heads in to the vacant emptiness of an A.

These people, all these fucking people.
What are they going to do when their families disobey them?
Why can't they see that the animals around them will feed on their flesh when they die?
They do everything so aimlessly because they think they know it all.
They don't know shit.
No one knows anything except for the first mothers to have birthed us.
But those life forms are dead now and their DNA is no longer existent.
The monkeys are the closest things we got to family.
My monkey mother and monkey father are the ones who feed me and who keep me out of trouble.
Not my human mother and my human father.
No, they live in the zoo and throw shit at the innocent monkey families.

These people, all these fucking people.
They have nothing to show for.
They can't get a job with all that hair on their heads.
No fucking way am I going to have my food tainted with black strands of hair.
I'd spit in their faces if they tried to put that in my mouth.
If I’m expected to eat such impurities, they should be expected to shit it out.
They should be expected to kneel down every time someone walks by them.
Ignorant cowards can’t even look me in the eye because I speak the unwanted truth.

These people, all these fucking people.
I'm not gonna stand here anymore and watch them criticize my sexuality.
If I want to have sex with a man, I will do it.
If a woman wants me to seduce her on the dancing pole, I will do it.
They don’t even know where their reproductive organs are.
Try explaining to them what an orgasm is and all you get is a shit-faced remark.
All you gotta do is tell all those freaks to walk on the left side of the road.
They’ll know you’re serious when they hear the sarcasm in your voice.
They’ll respect all your demands and will kiss your feet.

God damn these people… all these fucking people.

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