Sunday, December 26, 2010


"Just because I'm poor don't mean I can't be a snob" -Cold War Kids

I'm going to Universal Studios tomorrow! I'm thuper ethited.

My aunt gave my cousins and I wine and vodka so we could get in the Christmas spirit. Haha oh god.
We all sang Christmas songs and I danced for everyone. It was all very embarrassing.

Christmas Day was uneventful. Everyone just came over and told each other their financial problems. My mom announced to my dad and I that she wants a baby chinchilla for Christmas next year. That'd actually be really cool because they're cute, but when we asked her why she wanted one, she said, "So when it dies, I can make a little clutch purse out of it." Wow.

I just saw Tron with my dad. The graphics were cool but the dialogue could've been better.

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