Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dorian Galagy

Dory is a fast little girl; she's always on the run. She runs from everyone she meets, all her mothers (rude) critiques, all the men who look her way, and very pivotal parties. She's very well aware of this (she's very observant), but she just doesn't seem to care. Fortunately, she understands what's important and what is expected of her, so she is sure to fulfill most of her responsibilities. Dory has never been outstanding in anything she's ever done, only satisfactory, and she's okay with that because she knows that nothing ever matters, that everyone will forget and everyone will move on.


  1. Poor Dory. Sounds like she needs a hug. But really, I like this post. Very inspiration for a short short story.

    Oh my God, I was just reading your profile because I haven't gotten the chance to before. You have an awesome taste in everything! Movies, music, books, everything! I didn't know any other teenager on the face of the earth had seen Mary and Max. (Air high five!)

    I would follow but there's no follow gadget. So I'll just follow this blog in spirit.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    I actually haven't updated my profile in a long while, so I should probably do that sometime soon.

    Oh, hmm that's weird. I'll have to add one...once I figure out how. Haha

    Thanks again, I appreciate it :D