Sunday, January 9, 2011


Dorian Galagy is a confused little girl. She isn't sure what she wants to do anymore because she has too many influences:
Her mother, who really only cares about money but can't seem to save it.
Her best (guy) friend, who cares about education and notices little details about people.
Her best (girl) friend, who is unsure of herself and is obstructive of all beautiful things around her.
A girl like Dory doesn't have to the heart to tell anyone what she really thinks because she doesn't want to offend them. She does what she is told and listens to everyone who speaks to her. Sadly, she let's most people's ideas shape the way she perceives things. She hasn't been too bothered by this realization until someone called her a sufferer. By this, they meant that Dory let's people control her future; she doesn't take initiative and do what she wants to do. But Dory finds it difficult to do what she wants because she's always trying to please everyone.

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  1. Dorian should not allow herself to be shaped by anybody else- she will never really become herself.