Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm going to write a book. I'm going to name it When the War Ends.
The first page will say:
Dear fellow Reader,
I'm proud that you choose to pick up my book. I came up with the idea of this writing when I was hot and fresh out of the shower at the mere age of 17. Enjoy.

Page 1.
Think of all the generations coming together and teaching each other their ideas, fads, lingo, and romance. Imagine how intriguing such a thing could be. A possible chance at understanding history through the eyes of a witness. All our elders, so experienced and wise, will inform their naïve children of the life we are about to encounter. All us children, innocent and rebellious, will explain our cynicisim toward society and express our emotional intellect in a misunderstood light. What a nice world it could be if we all attended a universal convention dedicated to agreement, understanding, and gratitude.

Page 2.
Always know your worth. Remember the person you see in your mirror and remember the person you aspire to be. Be attractive and kind, never come off as sinister. No one likes obnoxious girls who can't hold their own secrets. No one likes girls who blame their addiction on a tragedy. Don't be a girl who feens for unwanted attention.

Page 3.
Trouble is a biased noun. Trouble only follows those who are leaders of self pity. It'll never come to you if you are confident of your being. Be careful and alert, for trouble is blind and inconspicuous. Never turn your back to a setting sun.

Page 4.
When you discover the power of lust, you are no longer innocent. Hold on to your innocence for as long as you can. Pretend to be pure, virginal, composed, refined, and vulnerable. Be "that sweet girl". Pretend to be lovely and love only to be happy.

Page 5.
Never miss anyone who can't remember your name. Forget all the men you have ever once made love to. The users of your body, the ones you've invited inside, the ones who've felt your orgasm, the ones who made you sweat, moan, thrust, kiss, beg... These men are nothing more than dogs. Men love physically; women love emotionally. The most important phrase of love isn't the cliché "I love you", it's saying "Goodbye".

Page 6.
Vulnerability shouldn't have to be taboo. To be a strong person is accepting and expressing every emotion you feel while keeping your composure. Don't come off as hard-headed because it's very unbecoming of a human to conceal all their insecurities.

Page 7.
Be mysterious. Don't talk too much. A good communicator knows show to speak with their eyes. Express thoughts only through your body. Learn how to become intimate with something intangible.

Page 8.
Surround yourself with people you can learn from. Never make your own mistakes when someone else can do it for you. Aspire to be better than your colleagues because the person you are isn't the person they want to see. Speak to ignorance slowly, lovingly. Ignorance is patient and should spoken to with respect. Intellectuals are too prideful and shouldnt be allowed to expand with arrogance. Their minds become too large and excrete an overwhelming smell of theories, hypotheses, and conspiracies.

Page 9.
View everything as if it were a circle. Circles are round and endless, soft, charming, and irrational. The only shape that can roll itself over into a new light.

Page 10.
Don't believe in love, don't fall in love. Love is only a theory that desperate housewives came up with because they yearn for their husbands to come home and kiss them gently. Love is never expressed by men. To men love doesn't exist; women believe that love is universal, love is blind and powerful, that love can change their husbands' idea of good sex.

Page 11.
Everything is always better tomorrow. Don't contemplate or commit suicide because someone needs you. Everyone has purpose.

Page 12.
Beauty is a privilege.

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