Friday, January 7, 2011

Rambling On

People wouldn't like me if I was everywhere.
Hell, people don't even like that I'm no where.

If you want to be like me, you should probably start hanging out with me. You know, get to know me a little, come over to my house, borrow my clothes, use me for my lack of friends. Then stop calling me and tell everyone what I talked about with you, but switch my words around so I can look insecure and immature. Make me hate you and write about you in metaphors that'll make no sense to you, but all the passionate anger I have towards you will be definite. I mean, as long as you get what I'm talking about, that's all that matters.

The one thing I love about my high school:
I'm walking around with my iPad. Someone I don't know, but I've seen before, approaches me and says, "Hey, you have an iPad? Me too... What else do you have?"
I like not having to feel bad for bringing my electronics to school.

The one thing I hate about my high school:
"Youre in AP Psychology?"
"Yeah, it's really hard."
"No it's not. Try being in IB, tech, and ROP. Then you'll know hard."

When someone tells you about one of their friends that you don't know and they say, "youll either really like them or you'll hate them," I always want to prove them wrong by just kind of liking the person... Does that make sense? I hope so.

Here's a better a example:
Naomi: Oh my God, you're going to meet Brice tomorrow 'cause he's coming too. Everyone thinks he is so hot.
Mandy: Oh? Okay...
(After seeing Brice)
Mandy: I didn't think he was that cute. I expected him to be a lot cuter.
Naomi: Well, you need to see him in daylight and he wasn't talking very much so you couldn't see how nice he is.
Mandy: Maybe.

Yeah, I think that makes better sense.

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  1. Yeah, nobody needs to have these predetermined ideas about what they will think of people. Chances are, if someone tells you that you will really like or dislike a person, you are probably going to find them mediocre anyway. If that makes sense.
    Great blog, by the way.