Monday, October 25, 2010


When they come, all darkness will fade.
Light will penetrate your foggy eyes
And will reflect back a color you've never seen before.
An illusion, you may think. A dream, definitely not.
Your idea of a reality is a figment of your perverted thoughts.
To you, nothing exists and no one is anyone.
Confusion clouds your mind when pondering about the life you live.
It's too bad all the time you spend alive is time spent dying.

I'm not very ladylike. I say "fuck" too often.
I guess it's okay because I dress myself very modestly.

Someone told me that I'm a literary romantic; how romance is portrayed in books, that's me. It makes sense because I'm heavily influenced by the books I read.
I love the thought of love. I like the thought of romance. I picture myself dating different guys all the time, but I can never take guys seriously because I can never take myself seriously. It's sad, it really is.

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