Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy day.

During fifth period I asked Mr. Mason to look at my resume. He said "Oay, just a second."
So while I was waiting, Mark asked Samantha and me if our Frankenstein books smelled weird. So Samantha smelled hers and said "Yeah, it smells really old."
Then I smelled mine as Mr. Mason was walking up my aisle. As I removed the book from my face he says, "Did you just smell your book?" in this really uncomfortable tone.
I was pretty embarrassed.

Naomi was over earlier.
I told her that I was happy to be spending time with her. Right after I said that she said "Okay, lates!"

Thanks home gurl.

Ms. Owens is honestly one of the best teachers I have ever had. She makes the best jokes and let's me do whatever I want. Today I had to make wedding decorations for a bridal shower she has this weekend. Then we gossiped about men and botox. She is the absolute best!

There was a quiz during fifth period. I pretty much aced it.
1. What color is my shirt?
Answer: Blue
2. What period is this?
Answer: Fifth
3. What is my last name?
Answer: Mason
4. What is the date today?
Answer: October 14th 2010
5. What is the first word of the ninth chapter?
Answer: Nothing

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