Saturday, October 9, 2010


As I write this, I sit on the floor in my underwear with my head hung and my iPad in between my legs...Naomi and I were supposed to go out and then she just suddenly went MIA.

I guess I can workout and clean my room. I have company coming over tomorrow to work on a project. I feel like reading tonight. After my jog I'm going to drink something cozy and read On the Road and Frankenstein.

I noticed I've been saying "I feel..." a lot. I read my horoscope and it said that's normal for a cancer.

Today my license came in the mail. I really need to retake the picture.
I also looked at cars. I only liked the VW Jetta and the Mazada 3. All the other cars that I might've liked had cloth seats...I just want to drive already!

Ayo for yayo I gotta checkout.

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