Saturday, October 9, 2010


Mandy. Spelled with a Y. Enriquez. E-N-R-I-Q-U-E-Z.

Well, who are you?
I don't fucking know.

Why does everyone ask that question?
And why is that every time that question is asked it's always answered back with a name? Your name doesn't define who you are.
Just tell the person to find out for themselves. And if they don't have the time to do so, then they can use their imaginations.

I'm so moody, it's ridiculous.

I'm feeling really lonely tonight...
I'm going to write God a prayer.

Dear God,
I'm fine, thanks. Thanks for giving me a friend. I appreciate it.
I know I haven't been to church lately, but that's why I'm writing you. So you can see that I still have some faith...I'll work on my attitude, I promise. Christmas is coming up soon, what should I get Jesus?...Nothing? Oh wow, okay.

I hope you aren't offended by my collection of Buddhas.

I was just thinking about that night I met Daniel and how he said something about me opening up to him. That's something I never do. I never open up to anyone. So it was weird for me to just talk to this person I just met and tell them a lot about myself. I wonder why I did that. The alcohol isn't really to blame. I've been drunk before and I've never gotten that deep.

Oh, this funny little thing called trust. Thank you Jack for ruining that for me... I would also like to thank Dantes.

What do you do when a friend betrays you?
-nothing. I don't care enough to do anything.
Why not?
-because if they're going to betray me then they obviously aren't important.

I like to obsess over people that I barely know. But I don't let them know that because that'd be really weird. I scare a lot of boys away and I don't know why.

I like writing here. I can vent to no one in particular.

Do you ever think of the world?

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